"There's nothin' better than layin' on the ground with your best friend,
lookin' up at the sky for shapes in the clouds as they float on by."
~Penelope Desiree Montclair

Hey there! My name's Penelope Desiree Montclair. Welcome to my corner of the world. I live in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee along with my brother Tommy, and Momma and Daddy. I have one horse named Howdy and my very own cow named Suzanne Rose Montclair. Aside from my best friends, Claire and Ruby, my favorite people in all the world are Papaw and Granmaw. They always have nice things to say to me and I suppose that's good for my ears.

My life in Tennessee is alright, I suppose. I go to school everyday and it's not too bad. At least Claire and Ruby and me are in the same class, so that helps. I have lots of chores to do, like feedin' the chickens and bringin' the firewood in from the porch on cold days. The worst chore of all is havin' to keep my room clean and doin' the supper dishes, since we don't have a dishwasher and all. Claire's lucky since she has a dishwasher.

Once I asked Momma if I could just load up Tommy's Red Rider wagon with all the dirty dishes and bring 'em on down to Claire's house since they have a real dishwasher. Too bad Daddy was in the room when I asked. He told me we have a dishwasher. For just a split second, I got real happy. I thought Momma and Daddy finally bought a dishwasher. Before I got a chance to finish my whole smile, Daddy told me the dishwasher was me. That was downright disappointin'!

I just love all the colors of the rainbow. Maybe one day I'll even find the pot of gold to go along with it. Oh no, Momma's callin'. I guess we're headin' on into town now. Take Care of yourself! - Penelope Desiree Montclair

Hi! My name is Claire Belle Johnson and I'm friends with Penelope. You can call me C.J. Every one else does, except for Penelope, of course. She believes in using your whole name.

I have one horse named Rodeo and one dog named Roscoe. Me and my mom live in Tennessee now. I was born in Los Angeles, California and lived there until just a few years ago. We moved here after my dad died. My mom thought it would be easier to raise me where she was raised, which is here in Tennessee.

I miss California a whole lot. I especially miss going to the beach everyday. I'm happy to have Penelope and Ruby for my friends, though. I couldn't ever imagine not knowing them, so I guess it's a good thing we moved here. Sometimes I visit my dads parents in California, so that's always fun.

I love to read and write. My mom is a writer. She's always at her typewriter typing away. She writes stories for all kinds of magazines. It's always exciting to flip through the pages and see my mom's stories in there with her name next to them.

My favorite colors are pink and yellow. Yellow reminds me of the sunshine in California and pink reminds me of the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. I love to boogie board and hang out with Penelope and Ruby. I love school. Besides, there's a real cute boy named Lane there. He's my friend, too, which makes it even better. I should finish getting ready for school now. Penelope should be here in just a few minutes. Have a great day! - C.J. (Claire)

Hello. I am Ruby Mae Fitzgerald. I'm happy to say Penelope and Claire are my best friends. I'm eleven years old just like they are, so we all match. I have three little brothers and not even one animal. My dad's allergic to all the animals on the planet.

I moved here from Oregon last year just after school started. It's always hard to move in the middle of the school year because you don't know anyone. Moving here was a cinch though, since Penelope and Claire were waiting for a new friend - me - to arrive.

I was born in Arizona and so far I've lived in California, Oregon and Tennessee. I like Tennessee so far, but I miss going to the ocean, too. Claire and me match when it comes to the ocean. I love to sing. My mother says I was born with a song in my heart and I should feel free to sing anytime I feel the need to.

We take a lot of trips all over the place because my mother thinks it's important to learn about different places and see different things. We usually have a lot of fun on trips - especially when we get lost. When we're lost, we see lots of things we never thought we'd see. Right now I'm writing my own book about traveling. I hope to see you on one of my travels. Have fun ! - Ruby


"The way I see it, hopin', wishin' & dreamin' should never be discouraged!" ~ Penelope Desiree Montclair